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    Rita Rims Party Cups

    Welcome to the world of Rita Rims Party Cups, where every sip is a celebration! Imagine a lineup of cups so fun and flavorful, they don't just hold your drink—they transform it. From the zesty kick of Salt & Lime to the sweet allure of Sugar & Strawberry, each of our pre-rimmed cups is a ticket to an instant party. Designed for those who love to host, toast, and boast about their killer drinks, Rita Rims adds that perfect punch to your cocktails and mocktails. Whether you're lighting up a BBQ, jazzing up a family gathering, or just elevating a quiet night in, our cups are your secret ingredient to turning good vibes into great times. Dive into the Rita Rims experience—where every cup is an invitation to mix, mingle, and make unforgettable memories!

    About the Owner & CEO

    Meet Tawney

    Meet Tawney (right), the spirited force behind Rita Rims Party Cups! Tawney stumbled upon these flavor-packed party starters at a backyard bash and it was love at first sip. Captivated not just by the fun flavors but also by the cups' party-starting superpower, she saw a sparkle of potential. It wasn’t long before she decided to take the plunge and steer the ship herself. Tawney’s infectious enthusiasm and keen business savvy have since turned Rita Rims into a must-have at any gathering. She's all about adding a dash of fun and a splash of flavor to every occasion, ensuring that with a Rita Rims in hand, you're never just holding a drink—you're holding the life of the party!.