summer pool party   Throwing a great summer party involves a variety of steps. Along with delicious and refreshing drinks, you need to create a fantastic atmosphere for your guests. Stick to these tenets when you throw your annual summer party this season:  

Plenty of Seating

It can be more difficult to plan for seating for summer parties. People often do not sit down, wanting instead to walk around and mingle. However, it is vital that you have enough seats for everyone in attendance. If you do not have enough chairs, you can rent folding chairs for a low price or spread some nice blankets on the ground.  

Try String Lights

One of the most difficult things about outdoor parties is lighting. Once it starts to get dark, it gets dark quickly. Luckily, our eyes adjust easily to the dark. Hanging strings of lights around your backyard will be enough light for your guests. Most likely, you will need to spread an extension cord through your backyard to accomplish outdoor lighting. Take old wire hangers, cut them into segments, and bend them into u-shaped pegs. Arc them over the cord and pound them into the ground so that the cord will stay secured to the ground.  

Be Careful With the Music

Choosing the music for a party is arguably the most stressful part. Good music can ensure that everyone has an amazing time – and terrible music will be unpleasant for your guests. It can make or break your party. Even though you are outside, do not crank the music. No one will want to stand near the speakers if the music is blaring. The ideal set up is four or more speakers at a low volume, spread around your backyard. If you have a boom box or iPod dock, situate it above ear level and aim it toward the house. The safest choice is the classics. Though some people love the more modern pop songs all over the radio, others despise them. Classics are the most widely appreciated of all the genres. Keep it upbeat and plan for around five hours.