Your boss just declared that since you did such a good job planning the last corporate meeting, you also get to plan the office Christmas party. Last year’s bash was lame, and you want this year to be different. A holiday office party is your opportunity to boost worker morale, build your culture, and foster better relationships among employees. Here are some simple tips for planning the best holiday office party ever and impressing everyone in the company.

Background Work is Key

Like the infrastructure in a thriving city, there are a lot of logistical issues that need to be taken care of before you get to the areas that people will really notice. Set a date and publish the invitations as early as possible. The holidays are busy, so get on everyone’s calendar early. Determine your budget and plan how much you will spend on food and drinks and how much on decorations and entertainment. Finally, select the location. Consider the size of the event as well as accessibility.

Choose Your Theme

Now the planning starts to get fun! The right theme sets the mood for the evening and immediately brings people out of the humdrum of everyday life and into an atmosphere of enjoyment and relaxation. There are tried-and-true themes, like Ugly Christmas Sweater or Winter Wonderland. These work and have the advantage of being comfortable and expected. But if you’re looking to venture out into something different, consider a Nightmare Before Christmas theme or even a Christmas Masquerade Ball.

Sumptuous and Plentiful

No holiday party is ever complete without plenty of good food and drinks. Because the holiday season is the peak time for catering, you’ll really need to start planning your menu two to three months in advance. The same holds true for booking the entertainment. Be sure to consider whether your guests have any special dietary requirements or allergies you need to consider. Coordinate food and drinks with the theme, and serve drinks in Rita Rims party cups for a festive flair and easy clean-up.