couple enjoying cockktails

Instead of the age-old gift of flowers and chocolates, impress your special someone with an original and sophisticated cocktail on Valentine’s Day. If you are planning a romantic dinner, adding a themed drink to your menu can complement the meal and impress your sweetheart with your mixology skills. Even if you’re not planning anything fancy this year, the following easy-to-make recipes can be a delicious and charming way to set the Valentine’s Day mood and make the holiday memorable for you and your sweetie.

The Brogue

If you and your sweetie love whiskey, the balance between a sleek malt scotch and the fragile flavor of lavender in the Brogue is a wonderful option. The honey-lavender syrup is easy to make at home, and when combined with scotch, Drambuie, and lemon juice, this cocktail is an excellent choice for a before-dinner drink.

Figgy Sparkler

No Valentine’s Day is complete without Champagne. If you’re looking for a something sparkling, the figgy sparkler is the drink for you. The combination of cranberries, oranges, and figs with vodka and prosecco creates a fruity, sweet flavor perfect for a Valentine’s Day treat.

Vicker’s Valiant

Adhere to the one of the signature colors Valentine’s Day by presenting this pink cocktail containing vodka, honey, Suze French liquor, and crème de framboise. The addition of grapefruit juice is the finishing touch that gives this drink a glowing pink color.

Rose-Colored Glass

This simple cocktail calls for only four ingredients: angostura bitters, lemon juice, simple syrup, and sparkling rose wine. Garnish the drink with rose petals to add to the cocktail’s romantic flare of the cocktail.

Tart Cherry Cocktail

This easy-to-make cocktail requires cherry juice, fresh lemon or lime juice, vodka, and triple sec. The mixture of sweet and tart flavors makes this an attractive choice for anyone who enjoys the complementing blend of sweet and sour.

Chocolate Martinis

Rather than a box of chocolates, make your sweetie a chocolate-infused martini this year. Consisting of chocolate liqueur, white crème de cacao, vodka, and ice, this cocktail is served in glasses that are lightly coated with chocolate syrup and topped with maraschino cherries.