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Why We Drink Bloody Marys at Brunch

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There is only one socially acceptable time to drink before noon, and that is while eating brunch. Bloody Marys are popular additions to the brunch menu and have been known to help with the occasional hangover. A mixture of tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, and spices, the drink is a favorite of many Americans.

History of the Bloody Mary

During Victorian times, health nuts would drink tomato juice as a health elixir, many times during breakfast. The consumption of the smashed tomatoes was thought to have many health benefits. Around the 1920s, a bartender in Paris was trying to make use of the newly arrived vodka from Russian immigrants. Unsure how to mix it, he attempted a concoction of vodka and tomato juice and the Bloody Mary was born.


Bloody Marys became especially popular during Prohibition, as the recipe had made its way across the Atlantic. Most booze during Prohibition was low quality, which made tomato juice a great mixture to cover the taste. Tomatoes were much more readily available during this time than oranges, so mimosas lost out to the popularity of Bloody Marys.


In 1895, an author named Guy Beringer wrote an essay entitled “Brunch: A Plea.” The essay was written as a plea to create a Sunday late-morning meal to appeal to those who have slept in due to hangovers. Thus, the idea caught on and the term brunch was coined.

Bloody Marys for Brunch

Brunch is often regarded as a wealthy, decadent meal. Rich dishes of exotic foods were always a hit, which made alcohol consumption during the meal popular during Prohibition. What could make a meal more decadent and exotic than an illegal substance? Consuming juices at breakfast and brunch were already popular, so adding Bloody Marys into the mix was not a far stretch.

Bloody Marys are still popular brunch time indulgences, especially for those wanting to follow up a night out with the hair of the dog. Whatever recipe you happen to use, be sure it has celery and other elaborate garnishes before serving. The more exotic the drink looks, the more socially acceptable it will be to have more than one at 10 a.m.



Best Cocktails for You and Yours This Valentine’s Day

couple enjoying cockktails

Instead of the age-old gift of flowers and chocolates, impress your special someone with an original and sophisticated cocktail on Valentine’s Day. If you are planning a romantic dinner, adding a themed drink to your menu can complement the meal and impress your sweetheart with your mixology skills. Even if you’re not planning anything fancy this year, the following easy-to-make recipes can be a delicious and charming way to set the Valentine’s Day mood and make the holiday memorable for you and your sweetie.

The Brogue

If you and your sweetie love whiskey, the balance between a sleek malt scotch and the fragile flavor of lavender in the Brogue is a wonderful option. The honey-lavender syrup is easy to make at home, and when combined with scotch, Drambuie, and lemon juice, this cocktail is an excellent choice for a before-dinner drink.

Figgy Sparkler

No Valentine’s Day is complete without Champagne. If you’re looking for a something sparkling, the figgy sparkler is the drink for you. The combination of cranberries, oranges, and figs with vodka and prosecco creates a fruity, sweet flavor perfect for a Valentine’s Day treat.

Vicker’s Valiant

Adhere to the one of the signature colors Valentine’s Day by presenting this pink cocktail containing vodka, honey, Suze French liquor, and crème de framboise. The addition of grapefruit juice is the finishing touch that gives this drink a glowing pink color.

Rose-Colored Glass

This simple cocktail calls for only four ingredients: angostura bitters, lemon juice, simple syrup, and sparkling rose wine. Garnish the drink with rose petals to add to the cocktail’s romantic flare of the cocktail.

Tart Cherry Cocktail

This easy-to-make cocktail requires cherry juice, fresh lemon or lime juice, vodka, and triple sec. The mixture of sweet and tart flavors makes this an attractive choice for anyone who enjoys the complementing blend of sweet and sour.

Chocolate Martinis

Rather than a box of chocolates, make your sweetie a chocolate-infused martini this year. Consisting of chocolate liqueur, white crème de cacao, vodka, and ice, this cocktail is served in glasses that are lightly coated with chocolate syrup and topped with maraschino cherries.


Easy, Delicious Cocktails for 2018


poring cocktails



The party starts at eight, but you’re running behind. Set up drink stations and allow guests to fix their own drinks based on what they want. No party is complete without having just the right blend of drinks. Here are some easy cocktails that will be the highlights of your party.


Vintage Is Always in Style

Stock your drink station with the makings for Cognac Sparklers. Sparkling apple cider and a dash of bitters pair well with cognac to create the perfect combination. Spice up a cosmopolitan with cranberry and orange infused vodka to create a memorable twist on a popular option. And vintage wouldn’t be vintage without the makings for an Old Fashioned – bourbon, bitters, sugar, and club soda. These are easy standbys your guests will be looking for.


A Taste of the Tropical

Even in the dead of winter, it’s fun to dream of more tropical locations and flavors. Let your guests taste a sense of escape by preparing a Caribbean Punch. Rum, lime, and pineapple juices and a few other ingredients make this an easy choice. Vodka, amaretto, crème de cacao, cream of coconut, and heavy cream all in equal amounts make Kokomos, a quick and simple recipe for any occasion. And nothing says tropical like a Pina Colada. Ice, coconut cream or milk, dark or white rum, diced pineapple and juice, and don’t forget the garnish!


Warm It Up

Of course, on a cold night, nothing is more welcome than a hot drink. A hot buttered rum is perfect for any cold winter party. This recipe for a Hot Night in Normandy will leave everyone wanting to try it. A spiked hot chocolate will warm you in every way. Start with a rich, sweet hot cocoa and add a bit of bourbon for that extra kick. Or substitute Kahlua and peppermint schnapps with the bourbon for a more complex flavor. Every drink tastes better when it’s served in a Rita Rims party cup, so be sure to stock up in advance.



Plan the Best Holiday Office Party Ever

Your boss just declared that since you did such a good job planning the last corporate meeting, you also get to plan the office Christmas party. Last year’s bash was lame, and you want this year to be different. A holiday office party is your opportunity to boost worker morale, build your culture, and foster better relationships among employees. Here are some simple tips for planning the best holiday office party ever and impressing everyone in the company.

Background Work is Key

Like the infrastructure in a thriving city, there are a lot of logistical issues that need to be taken care of before you get to the areas that people will really notice. Set a date and publish the invitations as early as possible. The holidays are busy, so get on everyone’s calendar early. Determine your budget and plan how much you will spend on food and drinks and how much on decorations and entertainment. Finally, select the location. Consider the size of the event as well as accessibility.

Choose Your Theme

Now the planning starts to get fun! The right theme sets the mood for the evening and immediately brings people out of the humdrum of everyday life and into an atmosphere of enjoyment and relaxation. There are tried-and-true themes, like Ugly Christmas Sweater or Winter Wonderland. These work and have the advantage of being comfortable and expected. But if you’re looking to venture out into something different, consider a Nightmare Before Christmas theme or even a Christmas Masquerade Ball.

Sumptuous and Plentiful

No holiday party is ever complete without plenty of good food and drinks. Because the holiday season is the peak time for catering, you’ll really need to start planning your menu two to three months in advance. The same holds true for booking the entertainment. Be sure to consider whether your guests have any special dietary requirements or allergies you need to consider. Coordinate food and drinks with the theme, and serve drinks in Rita Rims party cups for a festive flair and easy clean-up.

Top Problems with Traditional Margarita Rimming Techniques

When bartenders and mixologists make cocktails, they often rim the glass with salt or sugar. When it works, it’s great. The presentation is improved, and the salt or sugar adds a punch of flavor and texture that contrasts with the flavor of the drink.

This is a difficult and time-consuming technique to master. Drink rimming instructions say to moisten the rim of the glass with citrus juice or syrup, turn the glass over and dip it in the desired granules. It sounds simple, but if you’ve ever tried to rim a drink, you know it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds.

It’s messy

Citrus juice and syrups are sticky. Sugar and salt granules refuse to stick evenly to the rim, and what doesn’t adhere to the glass rim, sticks to your countertop, your fingers and your clothes.

It’s time consuming

If you’re only making one kind of drink at your party, you can rim all the glasses in the same substance. But if you want to make different cocktails, it can be difficult to mix and match. You spend a lot of time mixing the ingredients for the perfect drink. It can take twice as long if you have to rim every glass.

Consistency is difficult

Condensation develops on the glass and your ingredients slide off. There’s a big difference between getting sugar to stick to the outside of a martini glass and rimming a mudslide with chocolate sprinkles. The size of the particles changes everything. With practice, you might figure out how to rim glasses perfectly with sea salt, but what if next time table salt is all you have available? You’ll have to start again to avoid over- or under-coating the rim of your glass.

It can be confusing

Some recipes call for a thin liquid like lime juice to serve as the “glue.” Others insist you need something thicker like honey. Some say twist the glass in the substance you’re using to coat, others say that’s absolutely the worst thing you can do.

The good news is, there’s an easy solution: Rita Rims party cups have taken the guess work out of the process by pre-rimming cups in a variety of flavors. Try flavors such as Bloody Mary, salt and lime, sugar and strawberry or a mix of all three. Check out how we can make your next party extra special.

Kick the Holidays Off Right with These Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s uniquely American. Not everyone celebrates Christmas and Easter, but almost everyone has something to be thankful for. There’s a lot of pressure to get the meal exactly right, but creating a sense of shared community is what makes the occasion truly special. Here are some simple tips for making your Thanksgiving the signature holiday event of the season.

Make Room for Everyone Together

There’s a long, historic precedent that sharing a meal together bonds people in ways no other tradition can. So rather than landing some people in the dining room, some in the kitchen, and some in the living room, make a way for everyone to eat together. Push back some furniture, make some space, maybe even rent a few tables and chairs if needed. Make it a priority to gather everyone together in one place to share and enjoy the meal together.

Take Charge

No one wants to be seen as bossy or pushy, but more often than not, people appreciate someone willing to bear the responsibility for organizing and thinking through the challenges beforehand. Get a headcount of who will be there – and insist on firm commitments, not vague statements that they will “try to make it.” Make a list of preparations that must be made and manage your time as the day approaches. Consider what dishes you can make beforehand. If the event doesn’t go smoothly or you overlook something important, the evening won’t be as special as possible. Organizing may be an underappreciated way to serve during the holidays, but it provides real value.

Encourage Everyone to Pitch In

Invite guests into the kitchen and give them something to do. Many excellent conversations take place while preparing the meal together. Encourage your guests to go ahead and bring their special dishes. Getting everyone involved creates a sense of shared purpose that bonds people for the day and can reduce tensions. Consider asking guests to bring ingredients to mix some of their favorite drinks. Put guests to work mixing cocktails and make it easy with Rita Rims party cups.